Novaluxe Software Development

Novaluxe Email Management Suite

Novaluxe has pioneered a unique and powerful suite of applications. Our email applications are essential for companies who maintain large emailing lists and require extensive and stringent measures to ensure the integrity of their list and company name.

Three application make up the Novaluxe Email Management Suite:

  • Novaluxe Mass Mailer
  • Novaluxe Email Validator
  • Novaluxe Email Harvester

The suite is built around the Novaluxe Mass Mailer, providing applications which allow you to send mass-emails in safe manners, keeping you off of spam lists and blacklists.

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Novaluxe Mass Mailer

The Novaluxe Mass Mailer is a mass emailing solution program. The program allows you to configure and send mass emails easily and with little technical expertise.

Novaluxe Mass Mailer works off of mailing lists - you provide a mailing list (or you can build a targeted mailing list using the Email Harvester) in the form of a file. Build your email (HTML or Text emails are allowed) and send. It's that easy!!! Emails are sent out automatically for you. All you need is an email address and access to an SMTP server.

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Novaluxe Email Validator

The Novaluxe Email Validator is a powerful no-frills email validation program! It offers exactly what it says, an interface for a user to validate a list of email addresses.

Our most popular software application by far; the Novaluxe Email Validator gives you the opportunity to ensure that your mailing list is composed only of valid email addresses. The validation program offers three levels of email adddress validation:

  • Email address syntax validation: which checks a given list of email addresses for syntax only, not verifying actual existence, but verifying that the address in question ,could be an email address.
  • Domain level validation: which verifies the existence of the domain portion of the email address.
  • Mailbox level validation: which verifies that the email address can actually be delivered by the domain/smtp server to which it belongs.

All levels of email validation are activated automatically as of v., which means you have access to one of the most powerful methods of validating email addresses available today with only a %0.9 margin of error on non-catch-all domains.

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Novaluxe Mailing List Builder

The Novaluxe Mailing List Builder is a great tool for startup businesses and businesses who need to build their mailing list. The address harvester provides a means of gathers addresses to help build your mailing list. This harvester is capable of adding thousands of email addresses to your emailing list. Of these addresses typically 60-70% of them are valid and active email addresses.

One of our most powerful and private tools, available for you to use today!

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